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Delineation and Demarcation Surveys of the Land Border in Timor : Indonesian Perpective

The establishment of an international border between countries is one of the important elements in the development of peace in the area concerned. Indonesia has both land and maritime boundaries with its neighboring countries. One of the land boundaries is the land border with Timor-Leste. This paper describes the Indonesian experience and perspective in the creation of peace through the technical aspects of border demarcation surveys and its regulation. Based on the above conceivable understanding both governments of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (RDTL) have conducted the joint delineation and demarcation surveys resulting in around 96% of the total length of the land border lines. Establishment of the international border between Indonesia and Timor-Leste was a joint mandate of the two Governments based on the Treaty 1904 and the Arbitrary Awards 1914. The implementation was fulfilled in the joint activities, which were study of the Treaty, field reconnaissance, building of the common border datum reference frame (CBDRF), and delineation and demarcation surveys. During the implementation of the joint border demarcation and its regulation there are always dynamic and problematic situations occurred.